Sergey Donskoy

Assistant to Chair

Sergey Donskoy holds master-level degrees in public administration, in law, and in economics. He gained expertise in infotech and legal domains, and acquired work experience in a number of organizations, including U.S. corporations. In 2000, Sergey first in the world proposed crowdinvesting based on individual contracts and advocated for enacting a law promoting and protecting crowdinvesting entities.

In 2008, he designed eIDAS platform “Unified Electronic Card” which offered a number of online services with the use of a single identity card, digital document signing, and securing transactions in the chained records of the distributed ledger. Unified Electronic Card provided a straightforward mechanism for identity verification without collecting and processing biometrics. The only biometrics was the photograph printed on the card. The platform services included “Door Access Card”, “Transit Fare Card”, “Student Identification”, “Health Records”, “Employment Records”, “Electronic Documents”, “Price Discounts”, “Electronic Money”. “Electronic Transit Fare Card” was officially proposed to the state government in 2011.

In 2014, Sergey Donskoy proposed a concept of Quaternary education and designed a novel careers platform governing the job market at national level, which would allow for eliminating structural and frictional unemployment, providing guaranteed jobs to nearly every unemployed. The concept of Quaternary education included an innovative mechanism of competencies assessment, evaluation of educational credentials, and dynamic governing of the state immigration policy for balancing the national job market. Sergey Donskoy advocated for enacting a law which would accelerate institutional establishing of Quaternary education and bringing his careers platform to real life.

Sergey Donskoy published scholarly articles on institutional economics of national systems of innovation. He gained teaching experience, instructed university students and evaluated their works. Sergey also developed university course programs along with academic tutorials.

Sergey is Fulbright alumnus and Chair at Professional Competence Institute — a research organization developing the platforms and promoting Quaternary education as a national socioeconomic institution. At IIBHB Sergey works on attracting grants, scientific aspects and legal matters associated with developing and realization of IIBHB projects.