Rash B. Ghosh, PhD

Charles Townes Professor of Water Chemistry
Inventor of Hydrogrameen

Rash earned his PhD from the University of Salford, Manchester, in the United Kingdom, studying the hydrodynamics and ecology of the polluted Mersey River estuary and the Liverpool Bay. After this, he returned to the Bengal Basin in Bangladesh and India and assessed the causes of increased levels of arsenic and other toxics in the drinking water resources. Dr. Ghosh has had the opportunity to work with and learn from scholars on three continents on projects and studies concerning the Bengal, Liverpool/Manchester, and San Francisco basins as well as super-fund sites in California and beyond. Dr. Ghosh was a university lecturer at Salford under water science and technology, was a scientist at Stanford University conducting research on canopy chemistry, interactions of climate, nutrient cycling, and global warming for NASA. He was also a scientist at the California Department of Health Services and the California Environmental Protection Agency and worked groundwater mitigation, super-fund toxic waste sites, and risk assessment, health, and safety. Dr. Ghosh now develops meaningful solutions such as Hydrogrameen which injects freshwater to replenish depleted aquifers uniformly across the planet which prevents further land subsidence. Hydrogrameen has been developed by Dr. Ghosh for over 35 years with the assistance of many professional, interdisciplinary and world-class scientists of the Bengal and Himalayan Basins of India, Europe, and California; they include Charles H. Townes, the father of the laser and Nobel Laureate Glenn T. Seaborg (both co-founders of IIBHB). Dr. Ghosh is a former Asst. Professor at Dhaka Jagannath University, he became Charles Townes Professor in 2007 and was confirmed in 2008.